Docxpresso SERVER Edition SDK

In order to facilitate the work of developers working on integration Docxpresso SERVER Edition with third party apps we have created a SDK (written in PHP) that should simplify all the required processes.

The SDK requires a valid Docxpresso license in order to properly connect to an existing Docxpresso SERVER Edition installation.

The possible actions that you can carry out with a simple call to de SDK include among others:

  • Utils subpackage:
    • previewDocAction: calls a template edition end user interface so user from third party apps can edit a Docxpresso template populating it with their own data.
    • downloadDocAction: downloads the generated documents from the Docxpresso installation so they can be stored elsewhere.
    • downloadAttachmentAction: downloads the attached documents that may have been provided by the end user Docxdpresso interface when fulfilling some document template.
    • accessByTokenAction: allows for remote login to the Docxpresso SERVER Edition application whenever needed.
  • Security subpackage provides all necessary function to authenticate back calls from Docxpresso to our application an includes:
    • access: checks that the request sent from Docxpress is valid.
    • checkAPIToken: checks that the API token sent from Docxpresso is correctly formed.

Notice that whenever a responseDataURI parameter is provided Docxpresso will forward all gathered data to the corresponding URL whenever the end user hits the save button. You may grant or not access using the Security subpackage from Docxpresso.

You may also directly query the Docxpresso databases using the integrated Docxpresso REST Service interface that allows you to created your custom queries depending on your particular needs.