The business model Canvas has become very popular within the corporate strategy field. For those who are not yet familiar with it, the Canvas business model is a tool to create business models.

The canvas model is called that way because it is supposed to draw a “canvas” of your business strategy. The model is based on 9 components that should be addressed and analysed.

canvas model online

However to create a successful business model, It’s necessary not only to take a deep look into your organization but also to involve different areas within the company. The model covers all main business areas from production to sales, taking into account every process undergone meanwhile. So it’s logical to involve staff from many different departments and, in some cases, even some external consultants or advisors.

As there may be so many different people involved it is important to use tools that allow coordination among the different employees and directors as well as being able to edit, modify and make comments in a clear and organized way.

Docxpresso, your tool for creating, editing and sharing online documents, is also perfect to be the framework for your business strategy. Docxpresso is a very easy way to share documents so you can create the template for the model and everyone else involved can make changes, comments and suggestions in an organized and coordinated way. In addition, everybody can keep track of these changes and comments.

This way you would be able to reduce the number of meetings as everybody would be able to have a clear idea of what is going on and the whole process would be much more efficient.

This is only one of the many different uses for Docxpresso within an organization. If you want to discuss how Docxpresso can help you to improve your internal processes and your communication with customers and external stakeholders, do not hesitate to contact us at: We will happy to help you and, eventually, perform a demo of the tool.