We are happy to announce the launch of DOCXPRESSO API Core v3.0.

DOCXPRESSO v3.0 comes bundle with new features that will help you to generate beatiful business reports and general purpose document even easier than before.

Besides a bunch of minor improvements and bug fixes in the core functionality of the library, v3.0 incorporates new and useful methods and a full new subpackage ODF2HTML5 responsible for converting Office documents into W3C compliant HTML5 + CSS.


When introducing placeholder variables in a template using MS Word it may happen that they are internally torn apart by the MS Word editor, thus breaking the proper functioning of the replace method.

Although this problem can be circumvented by carefully rewriting the variable, we have introduced a new repairVariables method that eliminates the need to do so.

By running the repairVariables method on any Docxpresso template you will make sure that the integrity of the included variables is always preserved.

With version 3.0 we have also introduced partial support for .odp (the Open Document Format version of .pptx and .ppt files) so you can now replace placeholder variables, clone and remove chunks of contents in your "presentation" files.


This new subpackage allows for the conversion of documents into HTML5 + CSS with native support for:

  • Nicely formatted text
  • Headings (numbered)
  • Tables
  • Links and bookmarks
  • Nested lists with sophisticated numberings
  • Images
  • Textboxes
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • Headers and Footers
  • Tables of contents (TOCs)
  • Charts
  • Comments
  • Math equations
  • Drop caps
  • Office SmartArt and forms (partial)
  • Support for Right-To-Left languages
  • And much more...


We also have included in the downloadable package a samples folder with close to 100 scripts that illustrate the functionality of the library.

These samples are the perfect starting point to get you acquainted with Docxpresso functionality and they also can serve you as a basis to start building your own scripts.