International trade is now the norm, not the exception. Not so long ago, only big companies could think of exporting but nowadays a lot of SMEs had been exporting their products and services regularly and successfully. Of course, the role of the chambers of commerce and other government bodies (such as DIT, former UKTI, in the UK or the ICEX in Spain) have played a very important role in this development.

The chambers of commerce and the government bodies offer a lot of helpful services and programmes that have helped many companies to be successful abroad such as:

  • Strategic consulting and assessment
  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Organization of trade missions
  • “Learn to export” programmes
  • Subsidies
  • Training

All these programmes, activities and services generate a lot of paperwork such as forms that are difficult to use and result inefficient. The amount of time lost with paperwork could be used for other, more helpful activities, such as consulting.

Docxpresso offers a tool that would eliminate this paperwork making these processes completely interactive and much more user friendly both for the chamber or government body and for companies.

The usual process is that the Chamber or the body has the participation form in their web page, so they send the link to their database and the companies interested in participating in the activity or getting the grant would print it, fill it, scan it and send it back. Then, the chamber or body would have to review the application and answer to that e-mail.

This can be done much easier!. Instead or apart from sending the link to their web page, the chamber or body will send a link that had been generated by Docxpresso, so the recipient would be able to open it and fill it very easily in web format. The recipient would even be able to sign it. Then, the chamber or government body would receive in their Docxpresso account the answers in their prefered format so the information would be much easier to review and manage as it would be possible just to see the relevant answers.

The cost for the chamber or government body would be very low and it would allow them to concentrate on providing their services to the companies instead of taking care of paperwork. For the companies, the processes will be much faster as the forms would be user friendly and very easy to fill.

Of course, if you want to discuss the possibilities in more detail, do not hesitate to contact us.