Docxpresso is an organisation which strives to convert paperwork into paperless online documents. This is a big advantage and route towards helping to preserve the environment as well as cost effective outcomes. 

Companies spend an extremely costly amount of their spending on paper. In the e-government sector where paperwork is constantly used, even more so. 

Docxpresso differs from other similar concepts such as Google Docs, one of many different features being that confidentiality and security are key. When work is released and used on other similar services, it becomes no longer private. With Docxpresso, work is always confidential and secure meaning the user has constant control over their work. Another main feature is the use of e-signatures included in our service. In addition to privacy, signatures in paperwork are usually a time consuming and inconvenient procedure due to the confidentiality of the process. This means that parties are generally called to sign the document in virtual life. However, with Docxpresso, signatures can now be taken care of online due to our guaranteed promise of privacy. 

Docxpresso is essentially aimed at those who need a solution to time consuming, non-efficient and costly project work while preserving the environment. The conversion from paperwork to paperless online documents follow with a plethora of benefits and should be more implemented in businesses and governments today. 



Paperless society = Green society

We aim to achieve a 0% paper society. Just for the environmental factor, it is a goal which we want to attempt to conquer as quickly as possible.

Every day, 50% of all paper printed at offices goes to the trash in the same day. Every form printed generates £10 on extra costs; from printing and shipping to management, reviewing, storage and compliance. With a paperless approach and a secure infrastructure, the cost is reduced x3.