Docxpresso is a new innovative online software which helps paperwork to become less time consuming and less costly!

Data collection and notes are simpler when using Docxpresso as different colleagues’ notes are all accessible and kept in one place. Through this online tool you will receive benefits such as a secure and trustworthy hub for esignatures, providing efficiency and more appeal to clients. With Docxpresso you can reduce costs by becoming environmentally friendly. Transferring your paperwork online means less paper and less cost outflows, hence saving both your valuable time and money.

The cost of paperwork

The average organisation will usually spend around 20 USD for each labour which files each paperwork document.

120 USD is spent on labour to find all misfiled documents and a further 220 USD is spent to recreate these documents according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

This is something that Docxpresso reduces by keeping an indexed history which can be monitored and filtered. In this way, the process of paperwork is made easier and faster.