It couldn’t be easier to create a DX template! Just open your favorite text editor (Word, Libre Office, etc.,) and create your document as usual. Add a few simple plain text tags, upload to the DX platform, and we’ll take care of the rest! DX makes it quick and easy to create:

  • Dynamic text
  • Cloneable tables and content blocks (bookmarks, sections, and lists)
  • Signature panels
  • Automagical web forms

DX will seamlessly merge all provided data so all generated documents will conform to your branding and original template format and structure.

Power up

DX helps you to power up your documents with many extra features that are just a few clicks away:

  • Different data formats (date, email, rich text, etc.) and custom validations
  • Show and hide content blocks depending on user input and/or interface (browser or document)
  • Worry free GDPR compliance
  • Progress bars
  • Integrated video and text help tips
  • Predefined default values
  • Document attachments
  • Dynamical annexes
  • Javascript integration allows for endless possibilities.


DX provides powerful sharing tools to control access, collect data, and help end users interact with your DX templates.

  • Share secure links by email or include them in your website
  • Launch predefined workflows with multiple users and steps
  • Choose the end user interface: interactive document or standard web form
  • Customizable security levels: from free access to secure, single use links with predefined expiration times
  • Restrict editing permissions by user
  • Embed notifications
  • Parse data in real time to inform the user about document status
  • Redirect users to a custom URL upon completion of a document
  • Forward data with automatic webhooks.


DX preserves a full history of interactions with your documents, making it easy to track usage and processes:

  • In real time through DX’s shareable interfaces
  • In the DX “back-office” using integrated data management tools:

    • Single usage: includes detailed user data and provides various tools like document forwarding, blockchain anchoring, etc.
    • Document history to allow:
      • Comparison of documents at different stages

      • Checking of single data field values per single edition
    • Workflow management tools
  • Embedded analytics


DX integrates standard eSIGN and eIDAS signature providers. Our embedded signature panel may suffice for operations such as accepting terms and conditions.

But for those times when a legally binding signature is a must, DX interfaces automatically with eSignature providers including DocuSign and ValidatedID to:

  • Automatically forward documents for eSignature
  • Manage all eSignature workflow
  • Retrieve signed documents and document signature status


All user interactions are logged by DX, helping you to easily manage your documents and data.

  • Recreate and download prior document versions from previous data
  • Review and validate any document
  • Download data in bulk format via HTML or Excel
  • Export data to third party tools via SDK
  • Use advanced search tools for mining user data
  • Run real time analysis of your data

Management features are accessed through an intuitive user interface with well-defined access controls to ensure only authorized users can access specific data and documents.

Advanced features

DX includes a suite of powerful features for advanced users, including:

  • Custom behaviors via JavaScript
  • Import/export data via the DX remote API with the help of a flexible SDK
  • Create services that integrate seamlessly within a given template to access data in real time
  • Embed DX functionality into your website.
  • Automate document generation via our REST API.
  • Batch jobs for bulk generation of documents