Docxpresso includes a complete versioning system for templates that allow to revert the edition of any template to a previous step.

Whenever a Docxpresso template is edited its prior state is recorded:

  • Template metadata: variable parametrization and general settings.
  • Template document.

The versioning system incorporates its own additional metadata:

  • Version number
  • Version creation date
  • Edition comments


Docxpresso does not only support versioning for templates but also for every single document that is generated from the different user interfaces (interactive documents and web forms).

Every single document has not only associated a unique token but also a “tracking id” that allows to follow its complete history.

Whenever a document has been edited more than once by one or more end users any Docxpresso back-office user with the corresponding permissions may:

  • Compare the data associated with two different versions
  • Follow the edition history of any single editable field in the document
  • Recover a previous edition as the “current one”