Trusted by thousands

DX has already helped thousands of organizations, large and small, private and public, reduce headaches around their document and contract processes.

Take your document processes digital

Empower your sales, legal, HR, and supply chain teams to create contracts, reports, proposals, and assessments;  track the entire lifecycle, and eSign them with a cloud-based solution.

Automate document generation

Generate customized documents and reports online using data from end-user inputs, databases, excel files and other third-party services.

Gather, analyze and manage user data

DX transforms common documents (Word, PDF…etc.) into interactive online documents utilizing integrated data, help tips and videos, webcam captures, QRs and more.

Track everything

Organize your processes into workflows so you can track who does what and when. Restrict user permission down to a single field and compare each version of your documents and their evolution over time.

Integrated eSignature

Get rid of paper for good by using DX’s eSignature panel instead of printing legal documents. Supports internal approval and integration of eSIGN and eIDAS compliant eSignature tools like DocuSign, validatedID and others.

Plenty of additional goodies

Blockchain anchoring, WordPress integration, developer tools, batch processing, shared folders and much more.