gdpr - dx

The General Data Protection Regulation is the EU directive regarding data protection and privacy for the European Union and the European Economic Area. Its main goal is to offer European citizens control over their personal data in a harmonized way at the European level.

Docxpresso not only comply with the GDPR standard regarding the relationship with its clients (audited by an independent law firm) but also provides its users with specific tools for the compliance of GDPR in its relations with their clients and employees in the field of consent.

Besides the general Privacy Policy agreement that binds Docxpresso regarding the data of its clients, each Docxpresso instance may include specific privacy policies tailored for the collection of data by Docxpresso documents and web forms of final end users that need not to be Docxpresso clients.

Docxpresso instances allow for the upload of:

  • Privacy policy agreements for back-office users.
  • Privacy policy agreements for end users.

In the first case, if provided, Docxpresso back-office users will be invited to accept the privacy policy conditions before using Docxpresso interfaces.

In the second case, final end users may be asked to give their consent, following the terms of the provided privacy policy agreement, for the processing of the collected data. This request for consent is parametrized at the template level but if activated will oblige the end user to accept it before any data is forwarded to the Docxpresso back end.

There are two level of consent:

  • Basic: that only require the ticking of a checkbox
  • Explicit: that requires consent by providing the name and writing explicitly the acceptance.

Notice that this is only a Docxpresso helper to simplify your GDPR procedures and that any template or web form managed with Docxpresso may include additional info, requirement, links of whatever required by local laws to enforce privacy data protection.