One of the biggest problems that any organization, either big or small, has to confront in its daily business is the one of compliance of laws and standards.

Documents and contracts are generated, validated and often reused with minor or major modifications. Along all this flow, that can be more or less complex depending on the structure of your organization, there is the permanent risk of breaking compliance because of different reasons:

  • Ignorance of the law or internal company standards.
  • The natural desire of the parties for closing agreements even though they may eventually break compliance.
  • The use of outdated documents or info.
  • Or simply because of unnoticed errors.

Docxpresso is the best antidote for the intentional or unintentional breaking of compliance:

  • All documents and contracts may be brought under prior scrutiny by the legal team and/or management.
  • Only current and updated documents and contracts may be used for the closing of an agreement or for any other business goal.
  • There is a clear versioning template system that allow for a close surveillance of the owners of each process.
  • The tracking system associated with every single generated document and corresponding workflow let you know who did what and exactly when.

With the help of Docxpresso we make sure that we are using the latest and approved template to close an agreement and that every party provides the required info in the correct format.

With the help of predefined workflows we may also assure that additional validations may be performed in the process of generating an agreement to ensure that the final result is not only compliant but also fulfills any other business requirement.