When we started working with the Microsoft Accelerator Programme in London (at the time still known as Microsoft Ventures), they requested that we provide quite a lot data through a series of emails.

We clearly saw at once a typical scenario where our Docxpresso tool could be of great help to them!!

To show them the adequacy of Docxpresso to fit their needs, we prepared in just a few minutes one of the documents that they sent us, the MSFT Accelerator Program Agreement. This document included, besides the general terms of the agreement, some contact info and the signature of the CEO of the Start-up.

This simple demo highlighted to the Microsoft Accelerator London team that the simple automation of a previously tedious workflow (sending and receiving multiple documents by email) was easier and far more efficient.

After a preliminary meeting with the London team responsible for admissions, we decided to launch a website that will take care of the whole process using Docxpresso as the “document engine” behind it. We also agreed that besides the application process they will also use Docxpresso to generate documentation for various workshops and daily mentoring activities that are carried out within the programme.

We simply requested from the Microsoft Accelerator London team the documents they had generated in MS Word for this process, and after a little tweaking here and there to better adapt them to their current needs we started our part of the work.

After proceeding to the installation of Docxpresso in an Azure Cloud Server, we then uploaded the documents to create their corresponding interactive documents. These documents thanks to Docxpresso could now be directly edited in a browser, were readily prepared to be “served” to the Microsoft Accelerator London microsite that we built as a custom user interface. Besides generating the final agreement documents, all the gathered data could be further processed and eventually forwarded via CSV format to other MSFT databases.

Nowadays the current applicants can:

  • Send all their info to a centralized hub from where they can retrieve the final documents at their will.
  • The Microsoft Accelerator London team may recall all info regarding the applicants in a simple and direct manner.

Moreover, to organize the Microsoft Accelerator London Program Activities, one time links can now be sent by email to selected speakers, so they can provide all required info regarding their presentations and corresponding schedules. The corresponding documents in PDF or Word format are automatically generated and all the info is kept for further consultation and processing in the Docxpresso databases that are directly accessible from the Docxpresso back office interface.

In the words of Johnny Gorman, who directly manages the on boarding of all cohort applications, mentors, partners and service providers at the Microsoft Accelerator Program in London:

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the Docxpresso team. Within a matter of days, they took a cumbersome, painful procedure and turned it in to a highly efficient process. Now I have far more time to concentrate on more important things. Thank you Docxpresso”.