Focus on your Business, not the Documentation that supports it.

We deal with enterprise document processes everyday, both as employees and as customers.
We win business, sign suppliers, transfer goods and services, grow teams, and collect info.
There is an enterprise document process behind each of these activities and many others.
At DX we are changing how these processes work, enabling a far better experience for all.

Trusted by world-class organizations

Increase your productivity, compliance, and customer satisfaction with DX

DX is a cutting-edge smart contract and document management solution.

An enterprise-level solution, we are trusted by organizations both large and small.

DXhas digitized the contract and document processes for top retailers, legal firms, and governmental agencies.

Our enterprise customers value a tailored, white-glove approach to their specific needs, our SME customers value the ease of using our cloud SaaS solution.

Join us to make the world a greener place!

Features that will help you
to manage your daily paperwork

Document & contract management with all the tools needed to help you grow your business

Thousands of businesses love DX

DX already helps thousands of large & small business to manager their paperwork and contracts



Human Resources

Legal firms

Onboarding paperwork

Small business

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