Paperless paperwork

Almost any activity of a lawyer spins around different types of documents.

It may be to prepare a contract, to write a will or to draw up a claim.

Whatever it may be, all of these tasks usually require some or all of the following:

  • Gathering of client data.
  • Preparing a document with a well defined structure and content.
  • Signing the final document.

This is frequently achieved nowadays via an, uneasily traceable and usually messy, exchange of emails and/or phone conversations which require the physical presence of the client for the final signature or agreement.

With the help of Docxpresso you may completely transform these processes into online paperless workflows.

Docxpresso will convert any Office document (created with MS Word, Libre or open Office) into an interactive document that may serve to iteratively and collaboratively be transformed into a final legal document in a way that:

  • Your client can supply you directly with all the required data directly from their computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • The document conforms to your law firm standards.
  • It can be signed or formally accepted from the comfort of the clients premises in a legally binding way (eIDAS and eSIGN compliant).

The following timeline illustrate the whole workflow:

Legally binding e-signatures

Docxpresso easily connects to different third party electronic signature services (like DocuSign) that are both eIDAS (EU) and eSIGN (USA) compliant.

Electronically signed documents in Docxpresso may be as legally binding as a physical signature, thus eliminating that last obstacle to the transition of a complete paperless paperwork environment.

If you are interested in this particular feature of Docxpresso, please, do not hesitate contacting us regarding this specific matter.