In many Docxpresso use cases (surveys, assesments, etcetera) it may show useful to have at our disposal tools that may help us to parse in a visual manner the consolidadted data input by end users.

Nowadays you can do so with Docxpresso in two different ways:

  • Download the bulk data in Excel form and feed it to your favourite visualizing tool or directly workout your charting within Excel.
  • Use the integrated data analysis provided by Docxpresso.

Although the first option may give you greater flexibility in the majority of cases the second option may cover your needs and save you quite a lot of time!!

In order to illustrate this Docxpresso functionality we have worked out a simple “customer satisfaction survey” template in Docxpresso:

As usual the end users will fill this interactive document (or the associated web form) and data will be stored in the Docxpresso databases and forwarded, if requested, to any other external service.

From the main template interfaces now one can Access the “analysis tab” where one can find the following options:

Le tus first concentrate in the simplest option: requesting and analysis “on demand”. By clicking in the corresponding button we are redirected to a list of uses of the given template:

Where if desired one can further filter tha data to be analysed following different criteria. Notice that this on demand analytics has a limitation of 150 documents but we will show later how to override this limit.

By clicking on the “Run analytics on selected documents” button at the top, Docxpresso will analyse on real time the data and offer us a digested version:

The interface offer certain customization options for each set of data, i.e type of chart and size.

The data can be easily exported to a PDF using the very same browser:

Although this real time analysis can be suitable for small batches of data it is not adequate to analyse thousands of documents.

In order to overcome this limitation Docxpresso incorporates the possibility of creating custom analytics runs.

By clicking on the “actívate analytics” button one launches a run of analytics that consolidates the statistical analysis on every single document generated so there is no limit to the number of analysed documents:

Although is not our goal to ge tinto the nitty-gritty details we will just comment that you may:

  • Create multiple independent analytic runs
  • Stop and reactivate any of them at a given time

You can, for example, run independent surveys depending on the calendar year without the need to create a different template (the system is also smart enough to accomodate to minor changes in the template without the need to perform any additional action).

Give it a try!!