OEM integration

Integration within Third Party Tools

Docxpresso has been explicitly architectured to facilitate its integration with third party tools.Docxpresso simplifies the generation of dynamical documents and reports providing an interface that converts document delivery into an easily integrated service.

Depending on your patricular needs you may choose to integrate:

  • Docxpresso Core API that will streamline the generation of documents within your apps.
  • Docxpresso SERVER that will offer you and your customers all the flexibility, convenience and power of its integrated services.

With the help of Docxpresso you would be able to incorporate into your own tools out the box functionality for generating:

  • Beautiful and sophisticated documents and business reports in any format (PDF, Word, ODT or RTF).
  • All kinds of charts: bar, pie, radar, line, surface, donut, …
  • Responsive web forms.
  • Easy to use and accessible end user interfaces for data gathering.
  • eIDAS (EU) and eSIGN (USA) compliant electronic signature procedures.
  • REST Services.

And much moreā€¦ If any of your product or tools are in need of any of these functionalities, please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and/or a quote.

You will be nicely surprised by our prices!