Although Docxpresso offers an integrated signature panel that may be sufficient for most cases,when a eIDAS or eSIGN compliant electronic signature is required Docxpresso offers a straightforward integration with third party eSignature providers* like:

  • Docusign: world leader in the remote electronic signature with presence in 180 countries worldwide.
  • ValiadtedId: European company, eIDAS cetrtified, specialized in remote and biometric electronic signatures.

*Docxpresso may also integrate other providers under request.

This allows for the complete management of the whole contact lifecycle:

  • template definition,
  • data integration from external/internal source,
  • direct collection of data from end users,
  • legally binding eSignatures,
  • notifications and
  • archiving

within Docxpresso.

All the procedure is extremely simple for back-office users as well as end users and perfectly integrates within Docxpresso templates allowing for additional features like:

  • Notifications to editors that may not be directly involved in the eSignature process.
  • Downloading of signed documents and evidence reports from the Docxpresso interface.
  • Tracking of all the process required for the generation of the final agreement as well as the eSignature workflow.

Moreover you can enhance the digital identification process by including:

  • Webcam captured images
  • OTPs sent by SMS
  • Attached documentation like ID or passport scans, etc

All of this completely eliminates the need of a physical presence for the ratification of any agreement and greatly simplify the full integration of your business procedures into a virtual environment.