Docxpresso allows for the creation of users with different permission levels:

  • ADMIN: it has unrestricted access to all functionalities.
  • EDITOR: by default has unrestricted access to templates and data as far as they are not of “restricted use” by a group.
  • USER: by default it has read Access to templates and data as far as they are not of “restricted use” by a group.
  • EXTERNAL USERS: they only have access to an assigned “shared folder”.
  • ANONYMOUS USERS: they can only access individual documents by “securitized share links” and they do not have to be preregistered in the Docxpresso back-office.

To offer a much more fine grained access to particular documents Docxpresso allows for stablishing read/write permissions for groups of users.

ADMIN users may create groups and assigned members to them.

Any Docxpresso user may belong to one or more groups with two different levels of membership:

  • Admin member: that may manage the group by adding other users to it or modifying its metadata (name and description).
  • Plain member

Whenever a particular template enjoys restricted read/write Access by group only members of the corresponding groups may interact with it and they are also hidden for searches.

These access hierarchies (by profile and group) assure that only authorized personal may modify existing templates and/or have access to sensitive collected data.