Sell legal documents online

Outsource your document repository

Your knowledge and know-how is an asset that you can safeguard for your own business, or something which you can outsource to third parties as an alternative income source.

Due to your business activities, you may have at your disposal, hundreds of documents that could be found useful by third non-competing parties: legal documents, business proposals, claim sheets… you name it!!

Why not directly monetize those assets providing them as a service to final consumers who would happily pay a fee to have access to them.

Docxpresso may open to you new lines of business based on knowledge management and sharing.

Docxpresso integrates all required functionality:

  • Automatic conversion of business or legal documents into interactive web pages.
  • Real time online generation of documentation in any format out of your business or legal document templates.
  • Traceability and registration of all end user interaction.
  • REST Services.
  • Workflow management.
  • Signature pad.
  • eIDAS (EU) and eSIGN (USA) compliant electronic signature procedures.

And much moreā€¦ Turn your stale document repository into alive digital assets!