One of the most useful features of Docxpresso is the automatic generation of web forms associated to an Office template.

Whenever a Word or Office template is uploaded to the Docxpresso back-office an interactive HTML version of the document as well as a web form are automatically generated.

The generated web form encapsulates all the provided template variables (just plain text surround by double curly brackets) in such a way that end users can easily provide the required data in order to generate the final document or contract.

Like in the interactive document interface the associated web form may include, among others:

  • Plain input text fields
  • Dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Cloneable groups associated with template tables, lists or bookmarked content
  • Attachments
  • Interactive images
  • Signature panels
  • Additional tips and comments

Integrated in a web interface that may:

  • Be organized in tabs for simplifying the user experience
  • Be customized with logos and external stylesheets
  • Include videos and additional comments
  • Restrict the access to different data inputs to selected users
  • Include predefined or custom validations
  • Automatically request for consent with a globally updated privacy policy
  • And many more available features.

In order to organize all that information Docxpresso provides a simple to use “drag and drop” interface that will allow to further customize the automatically generated web form in a couple of minutes.