Docxpresso is built from ground up to work not only as a standalone service but also as an external service that may be integrated in third party tools.

In order to simplify this integration for small companies and individuals we have developed a series a of WordPress plugins that greatly simplify the seamless integration of Docxpresso avoiding the need of specialized IT personal.

WordPress (WP) is the most poluar CMS and it is used by literally millions of websites all over the world and the installation of any plugin is an extremely simple procedure that can be carried out by practically anyone.

Docxpresso offers two free plugins:

  • Document & Data Automation (visit here the WP plugin web page): this plugin allows for the integration of Docxpresso interactive documents and web forms within WordPress posts and pages.
  • Copy & Paste from Word (visit here the WP plugin web page): with the help of this plugin any user can integrate contents of any Word document into a post or page fully preserving document formatting, images, footnotes and even charts.

Document & Data automation

This plugin is a WordPress interface for your Docxpresso SaaS account.

By providing your Docxpresso instance URL and its corresponding APIkey you may:

  • Access Docxpresso templates from your WP admin interface.
  • Insert documents and web forms in any WP post or page.
  • Import and export data from your WP installation or any external data source.
  • Handle the behaviour upon submission of any document or web form.
  • Access the documents and data collected via de plugin.
  • Launch automatic workflows.

All the associated processes are automatically managed by the plugin and you do not require of complex developments in order to “syncronize” your Docxpresso SaaS account and your WordPress website.