Although Docxpresso integrates by default a signature panel, that can be used as proof of acceptance of the conditions of an agreement among the parties, it lacks some of the conditions to be a fully qualified eIDAS (EU) or eSign (USA) compliant eSignature.

In order to cover the cases where a legally binding signature is a must Docxpresso seamlessly integrates third party specialized solutions:

  • Docusign: recognised world leader in digital signatura solutions.
  • ValidatedID: EU company eIDAS certified specialized in remote and biometric digital signatura and certification.

Although the specific signature workflow is directly managed by these external providers Docxpresso allows for:

  • The remote generation of the agreement by standard procedures.
  • The population of all data required to build the “envelopes” (including all required data and formatting) that will be distributed to the signers.
  • The automatic archive of all signed documents.
  • The downloading of the evidence reports required for the legal avlidity of the signature process.

So Docxpresso users may manage all the process and access all required data and documents without ever leaving Docxpresso interfaces.

Note: for on premise and PaaS installations we may also integrate other providers. As we speack there are already moduels for BizLayer, or NodalBlock among others.