One of the strongest points of Docxpresso is its capacity to interact with third party tools.

Although Docxpresso permits to share documents online in a simple way and it also integrates user interfaces that allow for the importing and exporting of data in Excel/CSV formats, there are may be many use case scenarios where even bigger flexibility is required:

  • Importing or exporting data to a corporate CRM or ERP.
  • Integrating Docxpresso web forms within your own business workflows.
  • Creating your own microservices based on Docxpresso templates.

For those “advanced” cases Docxpresso provides to developers the required tools so all those tasks can be carried out in a breeze.

With the help of Docxpresso SDK (Software Developer Kit) a web developer may, in a question of minutes:

  • Integrate interactive documents and web forms that are fed with preloaded data in any website or web app.
  • Forward in real time data from Docxpresso documents to any database.
  • Download data collected from any template filtering it by dates, status, etc
  • Download documents and attachments.
  • Generate documents remotely.
  • Manage users and remote login to Docxpresso.

Among many other possibilities.

But the Docxpresso Tools for developers are not restricted to the “server side”. Whenever Docxpresso standard features fall short regarding specific end user needs or sophisticated business logic Docxpresso allows for client side programming at the template level:

  • Load data in real time into a template via sevices.
  • Include your own JavaScript behaviours in a template.
  • Perform actions on specific Docxpresso events.
  • Include personalized CSS at the template level to customize the look and feel.

As well as many other features that we invite you to explore in the documentation section.