This is by far the most praised functionality of Docxpresso: its capacity to convert a plain Word document into a fully fledged web app.

Almost every simple computer user is used to work with Office packages like Microsoft, OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

The creation, edition and visualization of documents is one of the functionalities that made the user of computers almost a must for any kind of profesional or student.

Although there are already very powerful tools to create websites and web applications they are often outside the reach of a standard user but Docxpresso has come to close that gap:

If you know how to edit a Word document you are already able to create a web app: as simple as that!!

You just have to:

  • Open your favourite text editor (Word, LibreOffice, …)
  • Include “Docxpresso variables” that are just plain text surrounded by curly brackets, i.e. something like {{name}}
  • Drag and drop it into Docxpresso
  • Voila! your document has become a web page where:
    • Users can interact in the active zones, i.e. Docxpresso variables
    • Table rows become clonable
    • Automatic validations are run
    • Data is saved to a database for later consultation and mining
    • Documents are generated in any format

You may:

  • Share those documents with other users and colleagues
  • Perform searches in all data collected
  • Run analytics on your data
  • Organize processes into workflows with notifications, validations, etc.
  • Export all your data in Excel format
  • Follow the history of any document generated

The possibilities are practically endless so do not wait any longer and get a Free trial right away: no credit cardo r previous payment required.