Our daily work is full of repetitive tasks of little real added value. Many of these tasks can now be easily automatized and well run business have already taken the path of digital transformation for their business and processes.

For many professionals of the most diverse fields the generation of documentation takes a big portion of their time so it is of the utmost importance to incorporate tools to our daily routine that simplify and accelerate the required processes like:

  • 24/7 access to a template repository.
  • ompliance.
  • Easy integration of external data.
  • Application of predefined business logic.
  • Unified communication channel.
  • Automatic generation of the final document in editable and not editable formats.

Moreover, whenever the process of document generation is susceptible to be completely automatized from beginning to end without any type of direct human intervention Docxpresso offers specific tools that may generate batch of documents by:

  • Merging CSV data into a template to generate batches of documents.
  • Requesting documents via its integrated REST API.
  • Installing Docxpresso API Core library on your premises to have direct programmatical access to all the powerful document generation capacities of Docxpresso.

Docxpresso also allows you to automate the distribution of the automatically generated documents to final end users so they may add additional info to them.

If you need it Docxpresso covers it!!