digital transformation

The concept behind digital transformation is how to use technology to remake a process so that it becomes more efficient or effective. It’s not just about changing an existing service into a digital version but improving it.

Digital transformation is more than a trend. The IDC reported that worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies is expected to top $2.1 trillion by 2021 and a Forrester report said that by 2020 executives predict 47% of their revenue will be influenced by digital.

Which are the main challenges that your organization may face in its digital transformation process and how Docxpresso may help to overcome them:

Handling Employee Pushback

Use tools that do not oblige your employees to learn too many new things thus minimizing change resistance:

Docxpresso uses standard office automatione and web technologies that do not require to become acquainted with unfamiliar technologies.

Managing Your Budget Through the Digital Transformation

The transformation should be financially manageable and has to ultimately increase your revenues and ROI:

Docxpresso pricing plans are designed not to suppose a burden to your company economy and for a fraction of the cost of similar products you may manage all your documents and contracts online.

Lack of a clear vision for a digital customer journey

Use tools that will meet your customers’ digital needs and can be be easily used by your employees:

Docxpresso is based on well stablished standards that will help its early adoption by your customers and employees.

Ineffective gathering and leveraging of customer data

The root of digital success is customer data. Digital success stories have the effective gathering, storing and leveraging of customer data at the core. Many organizations today have multiple isolated systems containing various scraps of data about customer interactions, but no clear way to pull them together.

Docxpresso is designed from bottom up as a service thus facilitating the in and out exchange of data with other company apps and databases.

Integrating legacy assets

Perhaps the biggest digital transformation concern is how to integrate existing legacy assets with newly emerging technology tools:

Docxpresso allows you to inject live to your legacy Office documents converting them into smart cloud apps.

In a few words, Docxpresso will greatly simplify your Digital transformation journey!!