The primary goal for integrating blockchain anchoring in Docxpresso is to offer our users the possibility to certify integrity, time stamping and existence of any document generated within Docxpresso.

Although this, of course, can be carried out by independent means, Docxpresso integrates all necessary procedures so end users should only click a button to proceed with the anchoring of the required document to the blockchain.

Internally, and in a transparent way to the end user, the anchoring of document data to the blockchain consists of multiple steps.

First of all Docxpresso creates a unique “digital signature” of the document we want to anchor to the blockchain. This is technically achieved by creating a cryptographically safe string of 64 chars (SHA-256 HEX format) that is, by all practical means, uniquely associated with the document.

Then this unique document hash is again packed in a cryptographically secure manner with many other hashes in order to create what is technically known as a Merkle root that is finally anchored to the Bitcoin  blockchain.

As a result of all this process Docxpresso stores in its databases:

  • The hash associated with the corresponding Docxpresso document.
  • The time stamp certifying the moment in which the anchoring process took place.
  • The chainpoint/blockchain receipt.
  • The receipt reference.