Docxpresso integrates multiple different types of automatic and semi-automatic notification tools.

These notifications are generally sent by email although for some internal processes Docxpresso uses its internal messaging system.

Depending on the use case scenario the notifications may include:

  • A link to edit or validate a document.
  • A link to download a generated document.
  • The document generated as an attachment.
  • A link to the relevant page of the back-office (only registered users).
  • Information about the completion of a workflow or process.

Automatic editor notifications

Editor notifications may be optionally trigger in different scenarios:

  • Completion of a document by an end user.
  • Completion of an eSignature process.
  • Completion of a predefined workflow that may include several steps involving any combination of end and back-office users.
  • Edition of a template by a fellow editor (internal messaging).

Automatic external user notifications

End users notifications may be triggered because of different type of events:

  • Within workflows an external user may be invited to edit a document.
  • The generated document may be sent directly to end users by including explicitly their email in the edition interface or using a variable value tagged as email.
  • An eSignature process has been completed

(Semi)Automatic notifications

Besides the fully automatic notifications Docxpresso offers in its different interfaces the possibility to send emails to external users under request for:

  • Sharing edition links by email outside predefined workflows.
  • Forward documents to specific users.
  • Manage workflows on real time.

All of these integrated notifications tools greatly simplify the management and surveillance of the different workflows and processes carried out by Docxpresso making sure that everyone is timely informed of required actions or relevant events.