In Docxpresso we are aware that data is your most valuable asset therefore we take special care regarding data management, analisis and encapsulation.

Whenever an end user interacts with any Docxpresso interface, either interactive documents or web forms, all data provided is carefully parsed and registered so you can make use of it at any later time:

  • To regenerate documents.
  • To forward it to different Docxpresso interfaces.
  • To export it in bulk as an Excel spreadshhets or directly to the browser.
  • To feed third party databases and services.

Data is not siloed in Docxpresso and can be exported and imported on real time or under request in many different ways.

You may import data on run time by:

  • Preloading from an external service o data base.
  • Loading it from the URL query parameters.
  • By end user request through a predefined service.
  • On real time from a CSV file.

Docxpresso provides several ways to export data to external data bases, services or just as a downloable Excel file:

  • Connect a webhook to a particular template so data is forwarded to the URL or service of your choice as son as the user hits the send button in a Docxpresso document or web form.
  • Define a “data endpoint” associated with any single use of a Docxpresso document or web form by providing it via URL parameters.
  • Generate an Excel file filtered by different parameters, like dates, identifier fields, references, etc.
  • Request data by template or particular usage at anytime via the Docxpresso SDK (Software Development Kit)

Data search

Docxpresso also offers multiple ways to search for particular documents or data by filtering them down to the value of a single variable by using different operators.

This greatly simplifies the search of particular set of documents/data that may offer you additional insights about your users and business.