Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you will only be charged for the current month.

What happens if I exceed my quotas?

If you do it only occasionally nothing but if we detect that you are consistently exceeding them we will contact you to suggest an upgrade of your current plan.

Which support do I get for my Docxpresso SaaS?

Docxpresso SaaS is a fully managed service so the basic support, maintenance and regular updates are included in the service. If you have additional needs we may offer additional support at very competitive prices.

Which is the SLA?

Docxpresso SaaS offers you a 99.9% uptime guaranteed. The exact SLA conditions may depend on the kind of service provided so, please, contact us for detailed information.

Can I install Docxpresso in my own servers?

Although Docxpresso is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) we offer the possibility of “on premise” installation for corporate client. Please, contact us for further info.

Do you offer dedicated cloud infrastructures?

Yes, for clients with special needs we offer a PaaS service on a dedicated infrastructure in order to assure the highest levels of performance and security.

How often do you update the service?

We usually update the Docxpresso features and functionality twice a month with no noticeable impact on the service.

Is my own data and my customer data protected?

We’re committed to the security and confidentiality of all data and documents you trust to Docxpresso by providing multiple layers of protection.

Can I get a subscription for free?

All Docxpresso plans enjoy a one month free trial period but only if you are a non-profit organization you may ask for a completely free permanent subscription.