Docxpresso is built from ground up taking special care of security.

All data and document exchange is not only encrypted by TLS (Transport Layer Security) which ensures communication security over any computer network.

Moreover, Docxpresso also incorporates specific protocols to guarantee that only authorised users are able to access to the documents and data they enjoy permission to open and parse.

Links to Docxpresso interfaces and documents may be protected by:

  • Username and password for back-office users. This users may have restricted permissions because of their profile or group acces restrictions that may go down to the template level.
  • Unique HMAC (hash-based message authentication code) tokens that may restrict Access to a document to a single user a single time. These token may themselves include an expiration time.
  • OTP (One Time Passwords) that are provided by SMS to the desired end user phone to make sure that only authorized users may Access the document.

All Docxpresso documents have associated a “tracking report” that includes information about:

  • All users that have collaborated in the generation of the final document.
  • The dates and times at which the document modifications were made.
  • The IPs (and phones if OTPs were used) of the users.
  • The internal unique tokens associated with each edition of the document.

Moreover from the backoffice any autorized user may check the history of each document by:

  • Comparing the differences between any two editions.
  • Following the evolution in time of every single field in the document.