State or local government officials usually completely depend on their respective IT departments for the deployment of any new process or when demanding small modifications of already existing ones. View this video where you can see step by step how to create an online form from a Word document.

However, Docxpresso is here to help streamline the whole process and offer citizen and government officials a direct way to create, manage, access and generate all the required documentation and processes.

View this project we have done in Madrid.

Docxpresso converts every type of Office documents (created with MS Word, Libre or open Office) into an online process that allows data gathers from citizens. Furthermore the data is securely saved onto a database for later use. It is all directly on a responsive web interface (backoffice as well as enduser interface) and can be displayed on any device: desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

The following timeline illustrate the whole workflow:

eIDAS and eSIGN compliant

Docxpresso can bind to different third party electronic signature frameworks (like DocuSign) in an eIDAS (european) and eSIGN (USA) compliant manner.

This implies that the electronically signed documents are as legally binding as a physical signature, therefore completely eliminating the need to print any generated document by Docxpresso.

If you are interested in this particular feature of Docxpresso, please, do not hesitate contacting usregarding this specific matter.