Alcobendas, with a population of more than 115.000 inhabitants, is one of the bigger towns belonging to the “Great Madrid Area”.

At the begining of 2016 the IT department of the Alcobendas city council contacted us, they were interested in implementing Docxpresso in a pilot program which ultimate goal was to migrate to Docxpresso all the “paperwork intensive procedures” required by the daily town hall activities and their interaction with the Alcobendas citizens.

To start this pilot program they proposed us to automatize the procedures necessary to request grants from local associations so they could receive some help from the city council to carry out cultural, educational and sport activities.

This call of grants is launched annually and is attended by quite a few local associations that should provide quite a lot of information regarding:

  • Their structure, organization and economical situation.
  • The type of activities that they wish to carry out explaining their specific goals and how they fit within the general Alcobendas city council policies regarding public activities.
  • Historic information about previous events and activities that have been (partially) financed by the town, if any, paying special atention to the fulfillment of their goals.

This procedure, as usual with the public adminitrations, represented a daunting experience to the associations that would rather spend their time in their core activity than carrying out bureaucratic procedures.

In the other side the people responsible in the town council had to manage a huge amount of information that was unestructured and distributed within a miriad of different documents, i.e. quite a mess.

Using like the starting point the Word documents that were being previously used to request data from the associations Docxpresso automatically generated the corresponding web forms (the town council responsibles consider that the web form interface would be the best way to go to gather the data from the end users).

Those web forms were readily integrated in a microsite within the website infrastructure that the Alcobendas town hall uses to offer e-services to its citizens and a few days (that included the final structure of the online workflow) all the procedure was migrated from offline to online with no great pain as is often usual in complex IT developments.


  • The associations can fulfill all the required documentation in a a structured way with the corresponding validations.
  • All the tasks can be carried out collaboratively without the need to organize their internal workflow by email.
  • The documents are at any time generated with the latest info available in a unique and centralized way.
  • The responsibles of the Alcobendas town council have access to all the info in a centralized hub that allows them to do searches and filter data.

As a result of this pilot program the town council is going to progressively migrate to Docxpresso many other paperwork intensive tasks in order to offere a better service to its citizens and facilitate the work of their employees.

This is just another sucess story of Docxpresso!!