Create a report with a Chart – DEMO

In order to illustrate the power of Docxpresso to generate dynamical documents out of any source of data, we have created a simple app that:

  1. Gathers data from a web form.
  2. Creates, out of a simple Office template and user data, a PDF (Word or ODF) file with:
    • a 2D or 3D chart (pie or bar) and
    • content generated out of HTML + CSS data.
  3. Generates a download page with:
    • A download link to the generated document.
    • The Docxpresso script used to generateit.

This of course only cover a minimal part of all Docxpresso API Core functionality but we believe it must be enough to grasp its powers.

This DEMO generates a PDF out from the data provided via a standard web form:

Visit Docxpresso API Core DEMO

If you have any furtehr qeustion regarding this DEMO or any other functionality of the Docxpresso API Core package, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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