Create a form from a Word Document

If you have a word document and you need to create an online form, Docxpresso is the tool you need.

  • You may need to convert a sign up contract into an online form.
  • You may need to convert a Government form from a PDF file into a digital form you can share and track.
  • You may need to convert a report you share as a PDF into an online document you can track and share securely.

The question is: How do you convert a Word Document into an online form?

The steps are very simple.

  1. Open your word file. 
  2. Change the fields where do you want user input for text like {{this_is_my_field}}
  3. Upload the document to your Docxpresso account. Create yours here.
  4. Share your document.

We know it´s hard to believe, but it´s that simple. You don´t need to create special documents, learn something new or change the way things work. Your users will have a digital document they can use online, you will receive your documents completely fill in and you will have all the data in a excel sheet you can download.

GDPR compliance

Also, these documents are completely GDPR compliance. You can add the terms and conditions users need to accept in order to submit the information. It´s very important to keep this in mind. GDPR is coming and it´s very important to be compliance for Curriculums, Recruiting, user Feedback, etc…

Unless you don´t ask for personal information, please add your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.