Remote template creation/parametrization

Docxpresso is not designed just as a B2B tool but also to provide B2B2C services.

Sell your documents online

Many of our customers use Docxpresso to give direct service to their own clients. In the majority of cases this interaction is limited to the use of templates previously predefined by their customer´s legal or specialized personnel, but in some cases their service covers an even deeper layer allowing their own clients to manage their own templates.

Create an e-commerce base on your documents

In order to fully automate this B2B2C specialised services Docxpresso counts with new integrated tools that allow for:

  • Remote uploading of (tagged) Word documents.
  • Remote configuration of variables via JSON data.
  • Predefining general template settings.

The parametrisation via JSON is very flexible because one may automate field properties just depending on their name or a prefix. For instance, one may easily parametrised all field starting by “email_” to be subject to email validation and/or confirmation if required.

Create a new business line with your documents

This functionality together with the automation of workflows and the various integrated data import/export services make Docxpresso the perfect companion for any company that want to outsource the Docxpresso document/contract automation services to their own customer base.