Create sortable tables in WordPress

Every Company produces a lot of internal information. This information is often in word, excel or other formats which might not be adequate for uploading in the company’s webpage or for sharing.

This information often comprises tables filled with data that are not easy to follow and understand unless you are already familiar with them so it’s important to present them in a clear way.

The problem is that most tools don’t let to publish these tables in a way that they are clear and interactive.

However, Docxpresso has a solution for it. Its wordpress plugin allows to import Word documents into WordPress so you would maintain the same functionalities and features as in the original document.

One of these features, that is very useful, is the possibility of being able to create sortable tables. When you are presenting a lot of information to different target audiences, there may be different points of attention so it’s important to present the information in a way that’s easily handled by everyone.

For example if you want to present financial results, this function would allow you to sort the results by year or by profit/loss depending in the variable you define.

Imagine you are dealing with trade figures between one country and the rest of the world. In case you have a regular table (like the one below) it would be very difficult to figure out patterns such as the volume of imports more from that single country or to stablish a ranking:

Table rankings sorteable

However, if you use a sortable table you would be able to know whatever you need. In the example above, for example, you would be able to work out which country imported more by value or percentage on each year.

So this would be a highly useful tool for anybody who needs to share a lot of numerical data but wants to make them understandable and accessible for everybody.

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