Loading CSV Data into a Word Template – Smart Contracts

Although this may be done in several ways, many of our users have demanded a simple way to load data directly from a CSV file without the need to build an external service that may require some “advanced” technical skills.

In order to help those clients we have included in our latest version of Docxpresso SERVER/SaaS an integrated service that allows to load directly into the browser a CSV file that may be selected from the end user local folders.

In order to do so one only needs to:

  • Create a plain Excel (or Calc) file in which the first row includes the names of the variables that one whishes to load into the Docxpresso template
  • Export it as a CSV file (or tab separated txt file). Of course, if you wish, you may edit directly the CSV or TXT file directly in a plain text editor.
  • Associate a Docxpresso variable to the CSV service from the Docxpresso backoffice interface.
  • Open the required Docxpresso template.
  • Choose the previously generated CSV and choose the desired row to be loaded into the template.

Like an image worths more than a thousand words we have recorded an screencast that will guide you through the full process: