10 benefits of Docxpresso

  1. Automate your documents. Convert all your Word documents, contracts, templates, forms into online documents you can share with your employees, service providers, clients, etc…
  2. Everything online. Work faster, better with online documents. No more back and forth with attachments or hard copies. Upload your documents to Docxpresso and start working with interactive documents. 
  3. Sign documents online. We know the signature is not the end of the process. We know the data in your document needs to be available and you need to keep working with that data once the document is signed. With Docxpresso your data and your documents are always accessible for your processes. 
  4. Create validations in your documents. Docxpresso enables validations in any field in your document. You can add format (date, names, numbers, drop downs…) and you can add validations (a number should be bigger than, smaller than…). That way you can automate processes and ensure the data you receive is always good.
  5. Integrations with our API. The data and your documents are always yours. You can recover all the data and send it to your existing systems or applications. 
  6. GDPR. Of course we are GDPR ready so your application will be. 
  7. WordPress integration. We love WordPress as a CMS and we offer you two plugins. One is for publishing. You can upload a Word document to your WordPress and you will get a HTML render. With our other plugin you can connect your Docxpresso account with WordPress. You can present your documents to your clients and users and you can sell your services based on your documents.
  8. Versioning. Every document is unique. You will never lose a document or a version of a document. We save every step of the process for you to manage your documents with maximum efficiency.
  9. Data analysis. You can get analytics from your documents. Usage, data, reporting. Completely automated. 
  10. Users with LDAP. You can connect your existing LDAP or Active Directory with Docxpresso for your users to access.