Docxpresso integration with Google Drive, Office365 and Sharepoint

Since v4.4.0 is extremely simple to import/export data from cloud spreadsheets stored in Google Drive, Office365 and Sharepoint.

You may fetch data from any predefined cloud spreadsheet directly from the interactive document interaface or web form and load it directly into your document in real time.

You may also sync any remote spreadsheet stored in Google Drive, Office 365 and Sharepoint with a Docxpresso template, so any time an end user creates a document the data is automatically forwarded and stored in the selected cloud spreadsheet.

All of this also facilitates direct “no code” integrations with any other third party tool like a CRM or an ERP using these spreadsheets as intermediary vectors, i.e. syncing the relevant spreadsheets with your tool of choice (SalesForce, Hubspot, Bitrix, etc) via Zapier or any other similar platform.

The following screencast offers you a brief introduction on how to connect Google and Office365 spreadsheets with Docxpresso: