Create dynamic documents, reports, bank statements and more…

Documentation has been traditionally seen as something static that has to be worked on paper. Most people, when they receive a document electronically just print it, fill it and scan it to send it back.

Of course, this involves a lot of different actions and it’s very time consuming.

However, there is a way to make this much faster and easier for everybody: Docxpresso

Create Dynamic Documents from Word files

Docxpresso allows you to create dynamic documents with many features and functionalities that will improve all your documentation processes.

Basically, you just have to create a Word document, upload this document into your Docxpresso account and customize it. Then, you can generate a link that can be sent by regular e-mail. The person receiving the document will just have to open the link and they will be able to open and fill the document in their web browser, regardless of which one they use.

Among the dynamic documents you would be able to create with Docxpresso, we can give you some ideas:

  • Contracts: You would be able to create contracts that your clients would be able to review, fill their data and sign.
  • Quotations: You can create a template for quotations where your customers will just have to fill with their requests. This is also very useful for your company as you would get the request in a predefined format.
  • Invoices: Similarly, Docxpresso allows you to create a template for invoices that will be easier to fill. If the invoices require signature, Docxpresso will facilitate this process.
  • Evaluation forms: Docxpresso is perfect to create forms that your employees or customers have to fill. Please, visit this link to get more information about this particular functionality.
  • Other forms: surveys,market research, etc…

Share Documents with your customers

Of course, you can create as many different types of documents as you can possibly imagine. Basically, anything that you need to share with your customers can be done via Docxpresso.

Apart from creating useful documents, you can also make them look good and preserve your company branding (You can get more information about this on this link)

For all these reasons, Docxpresso can be used by any type of business or individuals that need to send out information. It will make the process of sending a document as easy as sending a single e-mail and it will spare your customers from having to print, fill and scan the document.

Of course, if you want to know more details about how you can create dynamic documents with Docxpresso or discuss how Docxpresso could provide added value to your company, do not hesitate to contact us.