ENC file convert in PDF

In line with generic file encryption, the .enc extension is also used in the proprietary CS-PDF (CopySafe PDF) format developed and marketed by ArtistScope to handle PDF files, copy-protected with advanced configurable DRM encryption.

If you need to open ENC files, please go to the ArtistScope to download the software needed. ENC files can not be convert into a PDF. ENC files are already PDFs but are encrypted. You can not open these files without the proper reader.

If you are using ENC files is because you want to encrypt the content you are sharing with your PDF file. ENC files can be secure from:

  • Prevent all copy and PrintScreen.
  • Prevent printing.
  • Limit reading to number of visits.
  • Limit printing to number of prints.
  • Limit number of views.
  • Expire by calendar date.
  • Computer lock – cannot be shared.
  • Expire by hours/days from first use.
  • Enable access by group or token.
  • Supported across all languages.
  • Online DRM portal included for free.

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