Editing template data

You may edit at anytime, as long as you enjoy the permission to do so, the data associated with a given template.

In order to do so we may Access the editing interface from the following “box” in the main template interface (bottom right):


There are more than one editing option in this interface:

  • Download current template: by clicking in the document thumbnail we may download the current version of the template: highly recommended if we want to amend it without reverting to previous states.
  • Change author: (only available to ADMIN users) that allows to change the “ownership of the document.
  • Edit data: that redirects the user to a web form where the following options may be changed:
    • Name: name of the template.
    • Category: the assigned category.
    • Tags: the tags associated with the template.
    • Template Access: although this may better managed from the “permissions” tab in the main template interface.
    • Description: the description of the template.
    • Delete: if clicked the user will be shown the following pop up to confirm deletion:

Beware that the deletion is only “logical” and the template may be eventually recovered by searching “deleted templates” from the template listing filter options.