If we want to track the different usages of a single document, i.e. a document that has been filled in one or more session by a single or multiple users, we should click on the “tracking button” on the list of template usages:


We are redirected to the single document tracking interface:


From this interface we can do a few things:

  • Download the final document with all the tracking info:
  • Download any of the individual documents so we can follow the history of the document.
  • Edit the document in any of its earlier stages: notice that this will generate a new step in the process.
  • Visualize the data associated with that document.
  • Compare the data associated with any two documents belonging to the tracking history.

Track differences

By selecting two documents of the history and clicking the “Track differences” button:


We get to the following interface:


Notice that the variables that have changed are highlighted with a red background color.