Document template permissions

Docxpresso templates can have two different kind of permissions regarding read/write privileges.

They can be managed from the permissions tab in the main template page.

If the template is declared as Public (this is only regarding backoffice users) all editors will have read and write permissions while plain users may only be able only have “read” access (this only includes accessing metadata info and using the template as end users from the backoffice).

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Otherwise when the Public checkmark is unchecked you will be able to set explicit read/write permissions by group. Notice that permissions can only be granted at the group level and not individual users although, of course, nothing prevent us from creating unipersonal groups if needed. Beware that the creator of the template will always have full permissions over the template even if the template is not public and no permission is granted to any group.

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IMPORTANT: this only applies to Docxpresso backoffice users. Access Control to end users is controlled via API keys.