General template settings

Whenever you click on the custom settings link that it is accessible from the “gear” button menu on the top of the page a popup will open with several general options for that particular template.

template versions

One may set:

  • Number format: this setting affects math formulas for special variables. The default available values are dots as decimal point separator and comma for thousands or the other way around (Spanish style).
  • Document formats: you may select that available document formats for that particular template. If more than one is offered the end user will be prompted to choose one among them for the generated final document.
  • Comments: if checked the end user will be prompted to include some final comments on the web interface. These comments may provide additional info useful for other purposes than simply generating a final document out of the template and user input.
  • Tabs: if the original document was divided in sections one may include each section content under a separate tab in the end user interface. If checked you will be prompted to include the relevant section names separated by “;”. This is done this, somehow convoluted, way because there is not a natural unique way to include tab names in the original Office document.
  • Validation: if checked variable validation will be enforced and the document will not be sent until all fields are validated.
  • Anti-SPAM: if checked the end user will be prompted to respond to a CAPTCHA to make sure is not a robot.
  • Responsive: if checked tables will be responsive.
  • Identifier: you may choose a variable which value will be independently store in order to facilitate a particular template usage. It may be an ID number, a surname or company name or any reasonably unique variable that may simplify any search task.
  • Download template: whenever a response URL is not set the end user will be redirected to this page in order to download the generated document and associated attachments if any. If no download template is chosen the user will be redirected to the default page defined in the general app config.
template versions