Sharing templates with end users

The Docxpresso backoffice interface offers the possibility of sending a link to an end user so he can provide us with the required data to generate a final document.

From the main page associated with a particular template one may obtain a link from the “Share” section. In order to do so we should first choose a link type:

  1. “Interactive document”: will offer a link to the standard interactive document Docxpresso interface.
  2. “Web Form”: will offer a link to the associated responsive web form.
template versions

If we obviate the available advanced options that will be detailed below by clicking the “Generate link” button a link will be offered in a text area. By copying and pasting it in a browser one will be able to access the required document interface.

Advanced options

One may established via the “Share” interface the following options that may override some default document options:

  • Identifier field: its value will be saved in order to identify a particular template usage. This value will override the custom template settings.
  • Reference: an additional text that will help to identify that particular template usage.
  • Notify: a set of Docxpresso user emails (separated by “;”) that will be notified of the end user edition.
  • Custom data: additional parameters that may be used by some script associated with the document.
  • Enforce validations: if checked the document validations will be enforced and the data will not be sent until the end user enters valid data.
  • Use captcha: if checked the end user will have to respond to a captcha.
  • Save data: an URL where the data should also be saved (besides the Docxpresso database).
  • Prefix: if given it will limit the edition of variable starting by that prefix (followed by an underscore) or set of prefixes (they should be separated by a semicolon).
  • Redirect URL: an URL where the end user should be redirected after fulfilling the data.
template versions