Template Groups: general considerations

A Docxpresso template may incorporate “logical” groups that may be used for different purposes:

  • Blocks of content that may repeat a previously undetermined number of times like, for example, the rows of a table.
  • Blocks of content that may or may not be displayed depending on some internal template logic. For example, a block of content which visibility may depend on the particular value of a variable.

Docxpresso presumes by default (although this behavior may be later changed through the template edition interface) that the following template elements:

  • Group of table rows: a single or multiple rows that contain template variables.
  • List items: that contain template variables.
  • Bookmarked content: whenever contains template variables.

Are susceptible to be clonable and/or change their visibility depending on other template variable values.

Whenever any of these groups is clonable (they are so by default) the end user will be offered the possibility to do so via a “clone button” in the web interface. For example, in the case of a table:


And they can also be reordered if necessary:


This also applies to lists and bookmarked content.