HowTo: multiline text and rich text areas

Multiline and full rich text area are additional options to the standard one of plain text:


Multiline text

This is in all analogous to the text type the only difference being that in this case the “Enter” key is not blocked so the end users can insert line breaks in their text.

Rich text

When the rich text option is chosen there are a few differences regarding the end user interface as well as the behavior of the inserted text in the “printed version” of the document.

End user interface

The user is invited to edit in this case with a bigger red edit button:


that when clicked opens a WYSIWYG text editor:


That allows for the introduction of some basic text formatting.

When we click the same button that formatted text is inserted in the document:


IMPORTANT: when printed the introduced content will replace the whole paragraph content where the variable was originally inserted (unlike the other text formats where only the variable is replaced). This has to be so because the rich text may include paragraphs and bullets that cannot be inserted directly within an existing paragraph. This implies that “rich text variables” should be just by their own in a given document paragraph if we want to avoid unexpected results.