Single document data

If we want to access the page dedicated to the data associated with a single usage we should first select the desired template and then click in the gear icon of that particular usage:


Then we will be redirected to this interface where there is a plethora of options:


Tools tab

In the Tools tab we have direct access to:

  • General usage data: template, identifier, reference, domain, creation date, user comments and OTP info (if any).
  • Actions:
    • Edit document: allows us to edit directly that document. Notice that the newly generated document will be added to the tracking history
    • Download document: allows us downloading the generated document.
    • Send document: designed to forward the document to an external user. Notice that it is also possible to forward the data to a different template:
    • Remove data: eliminate this usage. Notice that a further confirmation will be requested:

Data tab

In this tab the template data is listed:


Notice that if any explicit GDPR data is associated with this usage it will be shown after the standard variable data.

Revisions tab

There are several actions available under this tab:

  • Set as completed: the further edition of this document will be blocked (this action is undoable).
  • Send your revision: by clicking on this link a popup will show where a comment can be added and set up the status as “Accepted” or “Rejected” (this options are just informative):
  • Request a validation to an user: you can generate a link and/or send an email to a register or unregistered user so the current document can be “validated”:

Blockchain tab

From this tab we may send the document to be anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain:


By clicking in the “Anchor document to the Bitcoin blockchain” a hash of the document will be sent:


By clicking on the “Get blockchain receipt” you will be able to download the “anchoring proof”.

IMPORTANT: anchoring to the blockchain may take up to a couple of hours so most probably you will have to come back to this page to download the receipt. Nevertheless, the receipt will be fetched automatically by Docxpresso so you do not need to follow the process manually unless you are in need of the receipt.